Update v0.19: Improved feedback and movement, new HUD and menus, remappable controls, configurable mouse speed

Better menus and HUD, remappable controls The old HUD was quite disorganized and felt cluttered. Elements have been moved around, resized, grouped and colored The Options menu has a new Input page where the Mouse Speed can be configured The Options menu has a new Keys page where many keys can be remapped. Some keys […]

Update v0.16: Barbarians fight back

This update’s most impactful feature is a new skill for the Barbarians and its implications for the player. Barbarians can now throw bottles at the player. If he gets hit too often, he’ll need to rest for a while. Here’s a quick gameplay demo of the new systems, you can read about the details below. […]

Update v0.12.0-alpha

You can discuss this update in our forum. Guardian improvements and fixes The allies that fire projectiles out of their windows are now called Guardians, because they are stationary and guard an area. They were previously called Window Villagers. A Guardian’s remaining ammo is now centered above him (it was a bit off to the right). The […]

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