Please help us fund this game, any contribution is appreciated!

For direct bank transfers, please use the following details:

Salva Monte Brè
Impianto Centralizzato 88 Brè
CH-6605 Locarno
IBAN: CH07 0900 0000 1511 2970 6
Account: 15-112970-6

To contribute in cryptocurrency, here are our wallet addresses:

  • Bitcoin: bc1qugn2974gnk7fzcexmehftf7ltljle7ckwfqyy3 (QR)
  • Ethereum: 0xBe87a588d41CDA1AAE2E1CabF7B28afD4dCb1Ad8 (QR)
  • Monero: 4BHNe9J645iDFeRyDYBA9DDJbqYcwtJf2bSSAuadm6rZVdCLzB5s29sH5xMzqRbwWNQcUrTocRvpZAvzccR2LEr3FS7b4HR (QR)

To contribute via Credit Card and/or a Paypal balance, please click here:

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