Update v0.20: Better performance, context sensitive Guardian menu, more video options, new firing mode

Better performance

Various actions would previously cause a very noticable lag when they were performed for the first time in a new game session. This happened due to the way the Godot Engine compiles shaders at runtime. The problem is explained in this video. The problem should now be fixed, which removes the lagging for the following actions:

  • looking at a Guardian with the Guardian menu open
  • firing the Paintball Gun
  • throwing a fish
  • a fish or paintball impacting a surface
  • enemies spawning
  • enemies throwing a bottle
  • switching to the Stinkbomb launcher

The problem will probably be eliminated for good once the Godot Engine 4 has been released some time this year and the Monte Brè Game uses it.

Two new video options

The video options menu features two new settings: Realtime shadows and Ambient Occlusion. Realtime shadows are enabled by default, Ambient Occlusion is disabled by default.

This allows players with slower machines to get a significant performance improvement by turning shadows off. Players with faster machines can add some depth to the image by enabling Ambient Occlusion.

Realtime shadows and Ambient Occlusion disabled
Realtime shadows and Ambient Occlusion enabled

Context sensitive Guardian menu

The Guardian menu previously had a major design flaw that made it hard to understand for new players: it was possible to switch the selected Guardian type while looking at a recruited Guardian. Doing so makes no difference though – no matter which Guardian is selected, the only two possible actions are buying more ammo or dismissing the Guardian.

This problem has been solved by making the menu context sensitive.

If the player looks at an empty window, all options are displayed, just like before.

If the player recruits a Guardian or looks at a recruited Guardian, the menu automatically selects the matching Guardian type, darkens all other Guardian types and disables the option to switch Guardians.

The menu also remembers which type of Guardian was selected before looking at a recruited Guardian and restores this selection once you stop looking.

The new context sensitive Guardian menu in action

Hotkeys for Guardians

Just like you can select your weapons with the 1, 2 and 3 keys, you can now select a Guardian type directly while the Guardian menu is open by pressing one of the number keys from 1 to 5.

New Stinkbomb firing mode and radius change

The Stinkbomb launcher now has a secondary firing mode. It launches a different kind of Stinkbomb that goes off on contact and instantly fills the Disgust meter of all enemies in range. The drawback of this projectile is its effect duration; the foul cloud vanishes very quickly.

The radius of Stinkbombs (both primary and the new secondary one) has been increased from 2m to 2.5m.

Various fixes

  • The “Round is over” message at the screen’s top is now independent of the game’s resolution and never becomes larger than intended.
  • The main menu buttons in the top right corner that link to various web pages now work again.
  • Increased the Player movement acceleration from 7 to 10 to make the movement a bit more snappy and less sluggish.
Update v0.20: Better performance, context sensitive Guardian menu, more video options, new firing mode
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