Update v0.17: Bug fixes, balancing, sprinting is more fun

Gameplay changes

  • The sprinting button can now be held down or pressed to toggle sprinting, depending on personal preference. Per default it has to be held down. The setting can be configured in the game’s Options menu.
  • Items now disappear after a while. They will start flickering after they have been in the map for 3 minutes. They disappear after flickering for 5 seconds.
  • Ammo crates now have collision for the Player and Mobs. Mobs will no longer walk through them.
  • The head motion when walking around is slightly less intense than before. It now becomes faster when the player starts to sprint, improving the visual feedback and feeling of motion.
  • Balanced various values
    • Reduced investor’s money from 100k to 50k
    • Removed many windows from the Testlevel
    • Ammo crate restores all ammo completely
    • Ammo crate refill delay increased from 10sec to 60sec
    • Increased Fish melee damage from 60 to 100
    • Increased Fish melee Disgust from 30 to 50
    • Increased Fish projectile attack damage from 50 to 75
    • Increased Fish projectile Disgust from 30 to 50
    • Decreased Paintball primary fire damage from 20 to 18
    • Decreased Paintball secondary fire damage from 50 to 36
    • Defeating enemies always awards 10 Morale (previously up to 20)
    • Enemies work 4 times as fast once they have reached a plot. The construction process was so slow before that there was no real feeling of danger.

Menu and UI changes and additions

  • there’s a new Roadmap button in the menu. It opens the game’s issue tracker on Gitlab.
  • there’s a new Credits button in the menu. It opens a menu with copyright information and credits authors of third-party assets as well as the engine itself
  • Renamed the tutorial heading “Control the Player” to “How to control the Player”
  • Minor additions to the tutorial pages
  • Added an orange “Low ammo” and red “No ammo” warning to the HUD when the player is at 20% or less ammo or out of ammo respectively.

Fixed bugs

  • The game no longer goes on indefinitely if the investor has more than 0$ but less than the minimal amount necessary to spawn enemies. There was a logical error that made the spawning go on forever in this case.
  • Impact decals of thrown bottles no longer stick to the player. This fixes the stretchy yellowish splotches on the player’s weapons.
  • The pickup message of collected hardhat items now reads “Hardhat” instead of “Yellow hardhat”.
  • The “Catching my breath…” message no longer stays on the screen when the player restarts the match while the message is visible.
  • Weapons no longer duplicate in the player’s hands if the player switches weapons very quickly.
  • Villager buildings now block projectiles and the player’s line of sight, preventing him from recruiting Guardians on the other side of a building.
  • The Guardian type that has been selected in the Guardian menu now always resets to the first Guardian type when a new game is started.

Technical under the hood changes

  • removed all randomize() calls during the game, they were not needed. The game is now randomized once when it starts.
  • Improved the movement code for the player and enemies, which could result in slightly improved performance.
  • Replaced the individual tileset parts that were used to construct the Testlevel with one simplified clean mesh.
Update v0.17: Bug fixes, balancing, sprinting is more fun
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