Update v0.16: Barbarians fight back

This update’s most impactful feature is a new skill for the Barbarians and its implications for the player. Barbarians can now throw bottles at the player. If he gets hit too often, he’ll need to rest for a while. Here’s a quick gameplay demo of the new systems, you can read about the details below.

Barbarians can now throw bottles. The Player needs to rest after taking too many hits.

House and Hotel fixes, optimizations and changes

  • The ground floor entrance of hotels is now being constructed as intended. It was hidden below the ground and not visible.
  • Individual hotels parts are now only spawned on demand when they are actually needed. Previously all hotel parts would be spawned below the ground as soon as the villager house was deconstructed.
  • The player can now shoot over empty construction areas and buildings. His projectiles no longer collide with the invisible wall that keeps him from entering the construction area.
  • Barbarians would tear down the scaffolding of villager houses once the house started going down. They now keep it around to reuse it for the hotel’s ground floor.
  • Previously the construction of scaffoldings and (de)construction of a building both happened in one single game round. Now these actions are individual game rounds. Barbarians will retreat whenever they have finished one of these two tasks. This change was necessary because Barbarians no longer remove the scaffolding around villager houses. This broke the pattern of always working on scaffolding for the first half of the round and doing construction for the second half.
Hotels have their ground floors back. They were meant to be there the entire time, but bugs in the code prevented them from spawning.

Guardian improvements and changes

  • When a Guardian is dismissed, the Morale price for the remaining ammo will be refunded. This allows the Player to relocate Guardians without any penalty.
  • Guardians are now dismissed with the right mouse button instead of the R key.
  • Increased Paintball damage from 10 to 15

Barbarians throw bottles

  • Barbarians throw bottles at the Player; they reduce the Player’s Courage by 10 points if they hit. Barbarians only throw bottles at the Player under the following conditions:
    • The Player is not waiting for reentry into the match after having been hit by too many bottles already
    • The Player is not farther away than 25 meters
    • The Player is inside a cone of 170 degrees in front of a Barbarian. Barbarians don’t throw bottles over their shoulder
    • The Barbarian has unobstructed line of sight to the Player (other Barbarians don’t block their sight, only objects like walls and trees do)
  • Every Barbarian randomly checks every 2.5 to 5 seconds if the conditions above apply. If they do, he throws a bottle at the Player.
  • Barbarians do not have animations for throwing bottles yet, the bottles just magically fly out of their bodies.

Courage Regeneration and Respawning

  • Now that the Player can take damage, there needed to be a way to regain lost Courage. For now this can only be done by waiting. If the Player hasn’t taken any damage for 5 seconds, he starts regenerating one point of Courage every two seconds. Taking any damage while regenerating Courage restarts the 5 second timer.
  • If the Player loses all his courage by taking too many hits, he will be teleported to the closest respawn location. He will then rapidly regain his full Courage over a period of 10 seconds, during which he can’t move, use weapons or interact with Guardians (but look around freely)

Playing fast is rewarded

  • Calling in the next Barbarian wave earlier is now rewarded with up to 120 points of Morale if the Player skips the waiting time altogether. Every passing second reduces the reward by two points.

UI improvements

  • The Game Over screen is now inside a gray panel to improve the text’s readability in front of noisy backgrounds.

Tutorial update

  • The tutorial page about Guardians has been updated to make the concept of Guardians easier to understand for new players and to reflect the current UI.
Update v0.16: Barbarians fight back
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