Update v0.15: Guardian improvements, settings are saved, various tweaks and bug fixes


  • Added trees to the test level to make it look more inviting.


  • Barbarians now award 15 Morale (previously 12).
  • Barbarians will no longer target any plot more than twice in a row if more than one plot is available. This avoids playing the same route over and over again if the random dice roll would otherwise choose the same plot again multiple times.


  • Improved Supply Guardians. Previously they dropped a new ammo packet every 15 seconds and destroyed the old one if it hadn’t been picked up. They would run out of ammo eventually, even if the player didn’t pick up any packets. They now wait for the player to pick up a packet, then wait 3 seconds and throw a new one.
  • Stinkbomb Guardians now fire every 3 seconds (previously every 10 seconds).
  • Guardian stinkbombs now disappear after 4 seconds (previously 6 seconds).
  • Rewrote the way Guardians acquire targets. There was a logical error in the previous code, which caused Guardians to trigger their firing cooldown even if they hadn’t found a valid target. This caused Stinkbomb Guardians to sometimes not fire at all for very long periods.
  • Guardians no longer fire at undefeated fleeing enemies. This keeps them from wasting ammo for an action that might not pay off, because the fleeing enemy will not necessarily be defeated.


  • Stinkbombs stop colliding with enemies after their first impact on any surface, including enemies. This prevents enemies from kicking Stinkbombs around and fixes a rare physics bug where an enemy would be catapulted away when he tried to walk over a Stinkbomb.


  • Settings are now saved to disc in a settings.cfg file and restored when the game starts.
  • The game has two mechanisms to prevent loading a broken settings.cfg.
    1. If the settings file is corrupted in any way, loading will be aborted and the game shows a popup that informs the player about the broken file. The settings will then be resaved with their default values.
    2. If individual settings can’t be read, they will be skipped and loaded with their default values.
  • Added a “Settings are applied and saved immediately” info text in the Settings menu.
  • Added a V-Sync option which is enabled by default.
  • The info popups that are shown when the game starts and ends can now be hidden permanently by ticking a “Don’t show this again” box.
The startup popup can now be disabled
The exit popup too 🙂
A special message for those of you who can’t stop fiddling with the poor config file


  • The game shows a Round starts info message when the Barbarians start attacking.


  • Items award 6 Morale (previously 2).

Fixed bugs

  • If the player would pause the game while the Game Over menu was open and then started a new game from the pause menu, the Game Over menu would still be visible. This has been fixed.
  • If the player paused and then unpaused the game while the Game Over menu was open, the game would no longer show the mouse cursor and thus the Game Over menu could no longer be interacted with. This has been fixed.
Update v0.15: Guardian improvements, settings are saved, various tweaks and bug fixes
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