Update v0.12.0-alpha

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Guardian improvements and fixes

  • The allies that fire projectiles out of their windows are now called Guardians, because they are stationary and guard an area. They were previously called Window Villagers.
  • A Guardian’s remaining ammo is now centered above him (it was a bit off to the right).
  • The ammo of Guardians can now be refilled by switching to Building Mode and repurchasing the same type of Guardian that is already in place. The refill price is shown above a Guardian. The price depends on how much ammo a Guardian has left.
  • The Salve Monte Brè banner now uses 1 ammo per slowed down enemy.
  • Guardians stationed in buildings that can be deconstructed will no longer keep firing when the building starts going down, which happens when the deconstruction progress is above 50%. Instead they’ll close their windows and become locked so the player can’t recruit new Guardians for this particular building anymore.
  • Guardian windows are now already closed when the game starts instead of playing the close animation.

Menu and UI improvements and fixes

  • There are two new buttons that open the forum and the game’s website in the menu.
  • The game’s minimum window size has been set to 800×600.
  • The Main and Pause menus do no longer have overlapping elements when the game window is very small.
  • The game can be switched between fullscreen and windowed mode by pressing Alt+Enter or F11.
  • The Build and Plot Overview Menus are now always closed when a running game is restarted. They previously stayed open.
  • To avoid confusion, the options EMP, Barricade and Nails have been removed from the list of building options because they aren’t implemented yet. They might return later.

Status Effects bug fix

  • Fleeing enemies can’t receive auras anymore. This prevents fleeing enemies from being slowed down by Salva Monte Brè banners and banners consuming ammo for these enemies.

Weapon handling

  • The Stinkbomb projectile does not bounce around as much anymore, which makes it easier to control.

Internal code changes and fixes

  • Pressing the debug keys for winning and losing the game while being in the main menu does no longer throw an error.
  • Pressing the Stinkbomb secondary fire no longer throws an error message.
  • Particle effects are now added to the Level node instead of being dumped in the scene tree root.
  • Pausing, unpausing, starting a new game and returning to the main menu is now controlled from the GameManager. These commands were scattered around and hard to track before.
Update v0.12.0-alpha
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